Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Possum Shed ★★★★★ $$$

Possum Shed B.L.T @ $16.90 AUD

On your way to National Park, Possum Shed is a place you must visit. They not only serve great coffee but their food are remarkably delicious. A hidden gem with remarkable atmosphere and excellent food.

The Cafe is built just right next to a river. This is the perfect place to enjoy the breeze and the sound of river flow while having the perfect meal.
Hearty Beef Pie @ $16.90 AUD
Slow cooked beef pie in red wine and herb sauce and a served with a side salad.  The pie was amazing. The beef was cooked till soft and tender and every bite was magnificently juicy. The herb and red wine worked really well with the beef which makes every bite tasty. The crust was also perfect with the right flakiness. A definite must try dish!! Salad was also fresh and the dressing was just nice.
Home-made Scones @ $6 AUD
Scones served with fresh cream and local Highland Berry Jam. The highlight of this dish is not the scones but rather the Berry Jam. The Jam was just amazing. You could really tell its fresh and the berry flavour was intense. The sweetness was absolutely pleasant and it made the scone a wonderful combination. Another must try!!
Toasted Turkish Bread with Leg Ham @ $13.50 AUD
Freshly sliced Leg Ham with Tomato Relish, Tassie Cheddar and Fresh Tomatoes toasted in Turkish Bread. Ingredients were fresh and the Ham was delicious. What was amazing is not just the Ham but the relish and cheddar which greatly complimented the bread. Every bite was tasty and savoury with a fragrant relish taste. Another must order!!!
Possum Shed B.L.T @ $16.90 AUD
Crispy bacon, sliced chicken breast, Tassie Brie, lettuce, tomato with seeded mayo dressing on toasted Turkish bread. Never had a great impression of B.L.T before, but since I had this one, I could never get it out of my mind. This is probably one of the best B.L.T I ever tried. The Crispy bacon was  just amazing as it was slightly thicker and juicier compared to what you can get from Melbourne. The ingredients were fresh and the brie cheese was just a great compliment to the bread. The chicken breast was also soft and tender. All I can say, after having this one, I'm always left with disappointment whenever I try B.L.T elsewhere.
Drinks were also great. The atmosphere made it taste even better.

Verdict (Highest-10)
Food: 9 (Excellent and memorable food.)
Service: 8 (Friendly service and food came quick.)
Ambiance: 9 (Neat, clean and serene with the ambiance of nature. Perfect!!)
Overall: 9 (You must really stop by this place or else you are missing out what is part of Tasmania.)

Price: $17.50 AUD below per main

1654 Gordon River Road
TAS 3000
Tel : (03) 62881364

Working Hours
Daily 9am - 5pm (except Tues)

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