Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bone & Pot (有骨气) Steamboat Restaurant @ SS2 ★★★★ $$$

Signature Pork Bone Broth @ RM 15

You can never miss Bone & Pot whenever you pass by Kelana Jaya Station as it has a huge and brightly lighted sign board. The restaurant's Chinese name is rather catchy as it means "person with high integrity" which also represents their Special Pork Bone Broth (for less confusion, one of the Chinese characters has the word bone, hence comes the bone broth). Bone & Pot serves quality food so you will expect to see a lot of homemade dishes rather than ordinary seafood and frozen meats which is quite common in other steamboat restaurants.

Golden Bean Curd @ RM 5.80
The Golden crispy bean curd's texture was amazing. Bean curd was light and smooth coated with sesame seeds and a crunchy crisp layer. Once you bite through the crispy layer, the bean curd is so soft that it instantly melts into your mouth. This dish came with a sweet chili sauce which worked really well with it. A must try!!
Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin @ RM 7.80
Crispy Bean curd skin was crunchy with light crispiness to it. Worked really well with the sweet chili sauce as well. A great snack.
A choice of 5 different dipping sauces. Sauces were tasty with a wide variety to suit different taste buds. Spicy, sour, and also savoury. 
Signature Pork Bone Broth @ RM 15
Normally in other steamboat restaurant, the broth is free but its loaded with lots of MSG. However, Bone & Pot took a different approach. They emphasize on their broth's quality by simmering it with Pork Bone till its milky and full of pork flavour. They added other ingredients as well such as sweetcorn and spring onion which brought out the sweetness of the broth as well. A price you must pay for such good quality broth. Initially, the broth was not as flavorful as expected, but after adding other ingredients it gradually became better.
Taiwanese Pork Ball [Left] @ RM 8.8 & Special Lobster Ball [Right] @ RM 8.80
Firm and tender when cooked. Most importantly, FRESH. You could really tell its homemade as it was much tastier than the usual ones. Most of them are all about the size of a ping pong ball.
Abalone Mushroom @ RM 5.80
One word. FRESH. There is six other different choices of mushrooms which I believe are also fresh. 
Mushroom with Homemade Pork Ball [Left] @ RM 7.90 & Homemade Pork Ball [Right] @ RM 6.90
Highly recommend the homemade Pork Balls. Firm and tender when cooked with a springy texture to it. The mushroom one was a variation to it. Strongly flavored mushroom ball. If you love mushroom and you love meat. I say go for it. 
Beancurd Puff with Pork @ RM 7.90
Bean curd Puff stuffed with seasoned minced pork. Bean curd was puffy and airy. Pork was tasty as well.
Siew Mai with Sotong & Fish's Egg @ RM 8.90
Looks good but didn't get to enjoy much of it cause we left it in the pot for too long so it became soggy.
Lamb Slices @ RM 15.90 & Pork Slices @ RM 11.90
Pork and Lamb slices are always a delight when it comes to steamboat. The meat was fresh and thinly sliced. The tender meat was also great to eat with the dipping sauces.
Chicken Slices @ RM 9.90
Chicken slices were great as well. Preferred the Pork and Lamb though as it was much suitable for steamboat.
Ice Beancurd @ RM 7.80
Frozen Beancurd was literally frozen. Texture was a little spongy and firm. A distinctive texture from the usual smooth and silky beancurd.

Verdict (Highest-10)
Food: 8 (Fresh, healthy and huge varieties of ingredients and broth. A great place if you want good quality steamboat)
Service: 7 (Nothing special with the service. Basically you will have to fill in the form of ingredients you want.)
Ambiance: 7.5 (Very neat and clean for a steamboat restaurant)
Overall: 8 (Price may be a bit expensive but if you want a good steamboat with a clean environment, this is definitely the place to be.)

Price: RM 5 - 18 per dish

7, Jalan SS25/12
Taman Mayang
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: (03) 7880 5511
Working Hours
Dinner 5pm-1am

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