Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Possum Shed ★★★★★ $$$

Possum Shed B.L.T @ $16.90 AUD

On your way to National Park, Possum Shed is a place you must visit. They not only serve great coffee but their food are remarkably delicious. A hidden gem with remarkable atmosphere and excellent food.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Don Bay ★★ $$

Curry Udon @ $9.90 AUD

Don Bay is a small Japanese restaurant which is just right in one of the alleys at Collin street. There are very limited seating so they focus mainly on takeovers and fast turnover. Don Bay serves rather cheap authentic Japanese lunches which ranges around $10 and they have quite a number of choices.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fish Frenzy ★★ $$$$

Classic Kilpatrick Oyster @ $16 AUD (1/2 Dozen)

Tasmania is well known for their fresh seafood, especially oysters. To find out if its true, we came across this restaurant which was actually recommended by the info centre. Not knowing Hobart really well, we had no choice but to find out if its good as they say.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sichuan House ★★ $$$

Spicy Cumin pork Ribs @ $21.80 AUD

This restaurant is within one of the alleys in China Town. The walkway is a little dodgy but many still come here for some Szechuan food. This place used to be my favourite place whenever I am looking for cheap and tasty Szechuan food. It was previously leased by Dainty Sichuan. However, Sichuan House has taken over and I'm here to find out whether its as good as the old one.

Namaste India ★★★★ $$

Hariyali Banno [Left] @ $3.95 AUD & Butter Naan [Right] @ $2.50 AUD (Each)

On a search for good Indian Food, I came to know of this restaurant which was highly recommended by my friend. This restaurant not only offers North & South Indian food but also Malaysian & Indo-Chinese food. If you are looking for good and cheap Indian food. This is definitely the place. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Carmelo's Wood Fired Pizza and Restaurant ★★★ $$$

Florentine Pizza @ $15.50 AUD (Large)

It is no big secret that Wood-fired pizzas are always better than pizzas cooked in conventional oven. This is due to the fact that wood-fired oven provides an environment where good pizza is made. In search for the best wood-fired pizza in Melbourne, we came to know of this restaurant and decided to give it a try.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kake Di Hatti ★★ $$

Kake di Hatti has been around for quite some time and seem to be a local favourite for many years. This can be understood as they serve Northern Indian food at cheap prices. In comparison to Southern Indian Cuisine which uses oil and cream as a cooking base, Northern Indian Cuisine is a healthier choice as they use water instead. As a result, their curries are also less heavy in taste as well.


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